Louis XIV
24 Carat Gold Flakes

Louis XIV Energy is the most exclusive Energy Drink in the world and contains real 24 carat gold flakes!

LOUIS XIV Energy excites you with it‘s distinctive and full-bodied taste due to it‘s citric base which inspires this unique energy drink and leaves you full of life.

When tasting this exquisite drink you will take your taste-buds on a journey of various aromas such as vanilla, caramel and raspberry and everything in between.

Come with us – join the LOUIS XIV family on this wonderful trip to a new dimension of energy drinks. The smooth and tasty drinking flavor makes perfect for a stand-alone refresher or to mix with your favorite vodka!


24 Carat Gold Flakes


Detail Information


Louis XIV is the one and only energy drink worldwide with real 24 carat gold flakes!

For thousands of years gold has been one of the most precious elements in this world. Forbes Magazine found out that the entire global supply of gold only fills 3 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Louis XIV created an awesome symbioses between this rare and mystic metal and a highly effective refresher.

This drink has definitely a personality of its own!


It doesn't matter how and where you enjoy your Louis XIV Energy - you will always have an unforgettable experience!

As an effective refresher in the morning, as a sports drink or mixed with your favorite vodka in the club, Louis XIV is an unique Energy Drink with an absolutely outstanding look.

The sparkling real 24 carat gold flakes in the drinking glass will leave you breathless.


Created in Switzerland and produced and manufactured in Austria - Louis XIV Energy is a premium product and if you are an energy drink enthusiast, you will love it!

We only use the finest ingredients and we'll surprise you with an absolute smooth and tasty drinking flavor. Use it as a refresher or mix it with your favorite vodka.


We truly pride ourselves with the remarkable finish for our product. The can of this pristine drink has an amazing and highly exclusive finishing; With an elegant matte black finish and a tactile surface, Louis XIV Energy will definitely impress your friends and customers.

The golden opener on top of the can comes with an impressive laser engraved Louis XIV crown.

Look & Feel

Fresh flavored and a great look - Louis XIV Energy has it all. But that's not enough.

We want you to be able feel the royal spirit of Louis XIV when drinking our product! That's why beside the matte black surface the Louis XIV Logo is embossed on the can outwards. This makes for a unique experience and an outstanding look and feel.


Gold is one of the oldest medicines in human history. Doctors and ancient cultures have been using the healing properties from the “metal of light” for thousands of years.

But how does this mysterious metal actually cure? Scientists can now explain: In tiny doses Gold has a regulating effect on the human immune system. This conclusion was drawn from research conducted by Swedish researches at the Karolinska- Institute in Stokholm and American researches from Duke Univeristy in Durham.

Gold salts prevent emerging proteins to escape from the nucleus of immune cells. Normally the escaped protein can trigger inflammation, which then weakens the immune system. Since the nineteen twenties gold compounds are administered as a reliable basis for therapy against rheumatic diseases. It is also used to treat depression, anxiety and exhaustion. Gold can put a person in a better mood on a grey winter day.


LED Cooler

Discover the new LOUIS XIV Energy coolers with stunning LED technology! Now also available for your own living room. Perfect as a decoration and to make sure that your friends always have an ice-cold LOUIS XIV Energy at hand.

Beside fine-grained temperature settings, and an interior lighting, which can be turned on and off, the LOUIS XIV coolers has a laser-engraved LOUIS XIV crown in the front glass-door, which shines in a golden color.


Geniesse LOUIS XIV Energy in verschiedenen Packungen. Wähle zwischen sixpacks, einer 4er oder 9er Box. Auch kannst du deine Freunde mit einer Geschenkbox überraschen!



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